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It is a free building constructed with ashlar masonry and brick which is located in the square of the town. It is of plant of Latin cross with polygonal head. It has five sections and a greater chapel. The four sections of the nave are covered with barrel vault. The vault is supported in archs of which the second one is of average point. These archs start of braces with simple adornment of plateresque inspiration. On the cruise there is vault of "lunetos" with vanes of archs reduced framed in a "bocelón". The head and the branches of the cruise have vault of "lunetos" without vanes.

To the outside, in both sides of the nave romanesque adornments are conserved. The tile roof flies on ample cornice of three lines of roofing tiles. In the head and the branches of the cruise, the cornice is a stone molding.

The cover is in the front of the noon. It has five archivolts of arch of average point of which the pairs are "bocelones". The archivolts are leaned in four capitals of simple geometric adornment which are on other so many small pillars. On the cover there is a Romanesque "crismón". In the wall of the feet there are two blind vanes that can be rest of one old steeple.

The nave of the church is Romanesque and it conserves marks of stonecutter in the facade of noon and the one of the feet. This nave was elevated in height in century XVII. The head with branches of the cruise was built in the century XVIII.

The tower is an added and juxtaposed building. There is a chapel covered with "terceletes" in the lower body of the tower. To the outside it emphasizes the bell tower visibly. The bell tower is a construction of ashlar masonry of square plant. Each front of the bell tower is framed by smooth pilasters with capitals of garlands. The vanes are archs of average point. The chapitel of the church has a plant of the same form that the bell tower and it has venes in each front. The closing is an octogonal pyramid.

This tower is very similar to the Tower of the Clock of Ayerbe which was built in the second half of century XVIII. It is looks like very much to the towers of the churches of Quinzano and Sarsamarcuello.

Today, the church of Ortilla is being repared but works are stopped because some pictures have been found on its walls and it is necesary a lot of money to finish these works.


 Town: Ortilla
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