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It is located to the southwest of the townof Ortilla. It is a building leaned to the walls of the cemetery. The factory is of ashlars and mud wall. The building is of a nave which is covered with vault of section of depressed rectilinear arch. The greatest chapel is covered with "lunetos" on a polygonal plant and the vestry is covered with a forged of logs. There is a choir on the feet, in the top of the church, on a smooth vault. The front leans on three reduced archs and on smooth columns without capital. The vanes are small, of reduced arch, and there are two archs in each side of the church and other one in the facade.

The wall of the feet constitutes the facade of the building that is finished off with a staggered pinion and a steeple of layer in the top. The door has form of a lintel and it is of stone voussoirs. The door has a nailed old inner door. The tile roof is flown on cornice of double row of bricks .

The construction lacks a defined style and it pretends to be of the middle of the last century. The Altarpiece belongs to the neogothic modern style. There is a dressed image of "The Immaculate one ".

Neighbors of Ortilla go to this hermitage the second day of their supervisory celebrations, in honor to their patron saint Saint Gil, which are celebrated the first of September. Formerly people went in procession from the parochial church to the hermitage and during the roundtrip route the bells turned around.


 Town: Ortilla
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