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This church is located in a small village which belongs to the municipality of Lupiñén-Ortilla.

It is a building of second half of century XII. It was manufactured with ashlar masonry and it has a nave of five separated sections by pointed archs supported in braces. The greatest chapel is covered with "exedra". There is not a choir neither a kestry but there is a cupboard opened in the thickness of the wall. The vanes are in a loophole form and there are only two vanes: one in the feet and another one in the wall of the epistle. The ground is bricked.

The entrance has three archivolts of arcf of average point which are leaned on smooth capitals. The tympanum has not decoration. The door conserves the nailed old large door.

To the outside, the building appears like a construction of great volume that emphasizes in the surroundings in which it is placed. It has a heavy abutment with which the wall of the epistle is reinforced. The tile roof is flown on "modillones" of rolls. There is no tower. There is only a added steeple of brick in the side of the gospel, nearest to the head.

This building was in totally ruinous state but it has been rehabilitated the last ten years thanks to the effort of the different institutions and the contributions the neighbors have given for such effect.

 Town: Nuevo
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