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Ardisa is a population which belongs to the province of Zaragoza. It is nearest to Huesca and the configuration of their term is fixed within the region of the Hole. Its establishment is made on quaternary deposits in the Valley of the Gállego.Its Parochial temple is dedicated to Sanit Anne.You can visit the hermitage of the Virgin of Miramonte and the Castle of the Crossbow too.

The 22 of January is celebrated Saint Vicent, pattern of the place.

Last Sunday of May, the pilgrimage to the hermitage of the Virgin of Miramonte is celebrated ( this hermitage is located to 5 km from Ardisa, near to Ayerbe, in the pine groves of the same name). A great affluence of neighbors of the nearest towns go there every year.

The Sunday of Resurrection the popular celebrations of "Houses of Esps" are celebrated.

The supervisory celebrations are celebrated the 26 of July in honnor to Sanit Anne and a lot of festive acts are taken place during that days.

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