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 Great Tit  (Parus major )


The largest member of the tit family, as its name clearly denotes, it can reach a length of up to 14cm (5.5in). It has a typical black and white face pattern and a broad yellow breast, embellished by a black bib, which extends to a wide black stripe down the underbody, ending in a patch between the legs. Distinguishing males from females is generally difficult, although the characteristic black and yellow pattern is bolder on the males and duller on the females.

The “Great Tit" is present in Pelion throughout the year, breeding and wintering in woods, orchards, hedgerows and gardens. It feeds on Lepidoptera (i.e. butterflies and moths) and Coleoptera (i.e. beetles), as well as on significant amounts of seeds and fruit during the winter.

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