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Description: The wild boar is bigger and heavier in the shoulders than in the hips. Longer hairs forming a partial mane grow along the spine of the neck. The mane is formed by split guard hairs called bristles, which may reach 5 inches in length. The ears are pointed and heavily haired. The tail is tipped with long hair. Well developed canine teeth that grow continually are found on both sexes. These canines or "tusks" can become very sharp and grow to a length as long as 4-3/4 inches. The color of adults varies from black to light gray to reddish brown. There is sometimes a white blaze on the head and/or the snout. At birth, the piglets are light brown with six brown and five black stripes on each side. These stripes are usually gone by the end of four months. 

Food Habits: Wild boars will consume practically any type of fruit, nuts and vegetation, as well as many vertebrate and invertebrate animals. A food habits study conducted in Tennessee (Henry and Conley 1972) revealed that plants represented 89.4 percent by volume, animals represented 6.4 percent, and garbage represented 4.2 percent of their diet. During the 7 year study, acorns were the number one fall food item, both by volume and frequency of occurrence. Hickory nuts were second in volume and fourth in frequency of occurrence.

Reproduction: Male wild boar reach sexual maturity at approximately nine months of age and females as young as seven months. The female usually produces one litter of one to 10 piglets (average 4.8) each year, with a gestation period of approximately 115 days (Conley 1971). Although wild hogs have the potential to produce two litters a year, there is no evidence that a wild sow has produced more than one surviving litter per year (Conley 1971). The sex ratio at birth is approximately 5050. At birth the piglets are light brown with longitudinal brown and black stripes, similar to the stripes on chipmunks. The reproductive rate is highly dependent on good mast crops, especially acorns.


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