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 Pyrenean Chamois   (Rupicapra pyrenaica )

Rupicapra pyrenaica is found in the mountains of northwestern Spain, the Pyrenees, and the Apennines of central Italy.

R. pyrenaica has an average length between 900-1300 mm . Tail length is 30-40 mm and shoulder height is 760-810 mm . R. pyrenaica usually weighs between 24-50 kg . The summer coat is reddish in color, while the much thicker winter coat is blackish brown with white markings on the throat, neck, shoulders and flanks. Both sexes have slender, black horns that are 152-203 mm long . The horns are set very close together, rise in a vertical fashion, and then bend backwards sharply to form hooks. The hoof is padded with a slight depression and is somewhat elastic, helping to provide solid footing in rough terrain.

Mass: 24 to 50 kg
Length: 900 to 1300 mm

Expected Lifespan In Wild: 22 years (max)

Food habits: During the summer months R. pyrenaica subsists mainly on herbs and flowers, and in the winter months they also eat lichens, mosses, and young pine shoots . If conditions are bad due to snow, they have been known to fast for two weeks until food could be secured.

Behavoir: R. pyrenaica usually live with their mother's group until they are 2-3 years old. They live a nomad lifestyle until they reach full maturity at 8-9 years, at which point they become attached to an area.

Females and young form herds of 15-30 individuals, with the number in the herd varying with the seasons . In the winter months, females isolate themselves to give birth in the spring . Adult males live alone most of the year. During the late summer they join the herds, and during the autumn rut the older males drive the younger males from the herd, occasionally killing them .

R. pyrenaica are very graceful and nimble. They can jump nearly 2 meters in height and a distance of 6 meters . They can also run at speeds of 50 km/hr on uneven ground 

Habitat: R. pyrenaica generally stays above 1,800 meters in alpine meadows during the warmer months of the year . In late fall and winter they have been known to enter lands below 1,100 meters, while usually staying on steep slopes. Rarely do they ever enter forests.


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