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 European Green Tree Frog  (Hyla arborea)

The Green Tree Frog is an amphibian that can live in water or land. They lay eggs in the water and then they hatch. Some frogs swallow their eggs and then they come out of their mother's mouth.

Feeding: Frogs eat cockroaches, spiders, flies and crickets, but when they are in captivity they sometimes eat mice.  They catch their food by their sticky tongue.

Habitat: Green Tree Frogs are found in rainforests or in trees or swampy areas.              

Body: Frogs have sticky pads on their feet so they can stick to things. The frog's eyes are either red, yellow, brown, green, silver or gold.

Description: Green Tree Frogs have green soft skin, sometimes their skin can turn olive green to camouflage. The main colour of a Green Tree Frog is mainly light green, dark green or a brownish colour. 

Skeletons: The frog's skeleton is a bit like ours except that we have five fingers and they have four and they have less ribs than us.  They have long bent legs for leaping high, that's where they get their spring from. 

Habits: The frog's habits are clinging to branches, trees, leaves and twigs. They can also stick to glass. The croaking noise is the frog's calling for their mates. 

On hot summer days, you can see frogs in the sink, the toilet or the drainpipe.

Life cycle: The frog's life cycle is: First the mother lays the eggs, then they hatch into tadpoles, after a while they grow legs, after that they lose their tail and then they grow up and  they lay eggs.

Length: The Green Tree Frog is 11-14 cm long (stretched out). They can be twice the size of a relative of theirs. They are 4 and a half cm long when they are a tadpole, then they grow legs, drop off their tail and then they leave their home.


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