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 European Serin  (Serinus serinus )


Status and distribution Widespread and common breeder in Europe from Iberia and western France east to the Baltic States, Belarus and Ukraine, Turkey and the Caucasus. Reaches the North Sea coast from northern France to Denmark and also breeds in extreme south Sweden. Has bred in southern England but the colonisation that looked likely in the late 20th century has not taken place. Also breeds on all larger Mediterranean islands and in North-West Africa from central Morocco to Tunisia and north-west Libya, recently recorded in Egypt and birds of uncertain origin are now breeding on Tenerife and Gran Canaria in the Canary Is.

Mediterranean populations are resident but those from further north in Europe are migratory, leaving breeding areas in Aug-Oct to winter around the Mediterranean and returning late Mar-early May.

Rare but probably increasing spring and autumn migrant in Britain (c70 per year), mainly in southern England. Vagrants recorded in southern Finland.

Habitat Wooded hillsides and scrub-covered slopes, cultivated land, vineyards, orchards and plantations, and in some areas a common bird of large gardens and town parks.

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