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 Mistle Thrush  (Turdus viscivorus )



Identification: The Mistle Thrush is a big, bold, aggressive bird, larger than a Blackbird and more fat-bellied, longer-tailed and smaller-headed than other thrushes. Its upperparts are paler, more grey-brown than on a Song Thrush and there are white edges to many of the wing feathers and the corners of the tail. The face is generally paler making the dark eye more prominent and giving a 'wide-eyed' expression.

Habitat: Breeds in woods, parks, gardens and orchards. Also found in winter in fields and moorland edges.

Distribution: A common and widespread British resident.

Widespread and numerous in most of Europe, although in many areas of southern Europe they are restricted to hilly or mountainous regions.

Population: 230 000 territories have been estimated for Britain and a further 90 000 for Ireland.

2-3 million breeding pairs in Europe extending eastwards to Russia.

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