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 Redwing  (Turdus iliacus )



Identification: The Redwing most closely resembles the Song Thrush but is best identified by the obvious buff stripes over its eye and through the moustache. These features are often more obvious than the red flanks and red underwing which give the species its name.

Habitat: Breeds in woodland and scrub. Winters in hedges, fields, and gardens.

Distribution: Now established as a rare breeding species mainly in Highland Scotland, but notably also up to five pairs have bred in east Kent. Common and widespread as a winter visitor between September-April, often in the company of Fieldfares.

Very common in much of Scandinavia where this is one of the most numerous songbirds. Also breeds in Scotland and north-east Poland. Occurs in large numbers in many parts of central and southern Europe in winter.

Population: There are probably 40-80 breeding pairs in Britain mainly in north-west Scotland, having colonised here since the 1920's. The wintering population, however, can reach at least a 750 000 birds.

5-7 million breeding pairs mostly in Scandinavia

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