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 European Turtle Dove  (Streptopelia turtur)


Identification: Turtle Doves are similar in size and shape to a Collared Dove although they have a shorter tail, more pointed wings and a more darting agile flight. The chequered black and rufous upper parts are diagnostic and easily seen. Look also for their darker underwing, the narrow white border around the tail and the black and white collar patches like the gill slits of a dog-fish.

Habitat: Breeds in young woodlands, copses, hedgerows and scrub.

Distribution: A reasonably common summer visitor, but rare in the north of Lancashire and less common in west Wales and Cornwall. Occurs between April-October.

Widespread and easily located in most of Europe except Scotland and Scandinavia.

Population: 75 000 territories in Britain, mainly in England. Only a few records from Ireland.

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