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 Goldcrest  (Regulus regulus/Regulus ignicapillus )




Identification: It is essentially like a small-bodied, large-headed leaf warbler but with narrow white wing bars and a distinctive head pattern. The narrow yellow or orange stripe along the top of the crown is neatly edged with black. The pale ring around the dark eye gives the Goldcrest an open-faced, staring expression.

Habitat: Breeds and winters in coniferous woodlands, occuring in deciduous woodland, scrub and even gardens in winter.

Distribution: A common resident bird throughout most of Britain, favouring coniferous woodland, but also found in other habitats. Extremely common on migration on the east and south coasts.

Breeds commonly in coniferous woodland throughout north and central Europe but in southern Europe is restricted to mountainous areas.

Population:  560 000 territories estimated for Britain and a further 300 000 for Ireland. In winter some continental visitors arrive and the total number of birds can reach 2-4 million.

9-12 million breeding pairs, mostly across northern Europe with scattered populations in southern Europe.

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