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 Eurasian Eagle Owl  (Bubo bubo)


The Eurasian Eagle Owl is quite a common bird throughout northern Europe and Scandinavia, and into Russia.
Its preferred habitat is coniferous forest, where it is most adept at navigating between the trees in very subdued light!


The Eurasian Eagle Owl is, by virtue of its size and strength, well up in the food chain. It is capable of taking medium sized mammals up the the size of a rabbit, and much of its diet in certain parts of its range consists of rabbit and possum.
The egg-laying of the female is very much tied to food supply. In lean years she will lay only one egg (if any), whereas when food supply is good, she will lay a clutch of four or five.


The main call of the Eagle Owl is a single, drawn out, booming "Oo-hoooh". This they use to call to each other to and fro, sometimes for hours at a stretch, across relatively large tracts of countryside.

On occasions it also utters a coarse "Kraaaaah"

Status and behaviour in the wild

The Eurasian Eagle Owl is the world's largest owl, and an extremely powerful bird.

In forested areas of northern Europe, which are typically inhabited by a number of species of birds of prey, there is often animosity between species. Here the Goshawk and Eurasian Eagle Owl are probably the most murderous!
The Eagle Owl is even known to tackle, quite successfully, raptors as large and swift as the Peregrine Falcon!
The Eurasian Eagle Owl is the largest species of owl in the world. In captivity, with access to medical care, regular food and, of course, no threat from predators or humans they may enjoy a life expectancy well in excess of 40 years.br> Based on observations in the wild, those birds who survive the first year may expect to live for a total of 12-15 years.

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