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 Bonelli's Warbler  (Phylloscopus bonelli )



Status and distribution Breeds over much of Iberia (except the south-east), and from west & central France east to Austria and Slovenia including Corsica and the Apennines of Italy . Also breeds in North-West Africa from the Souss Valley in Morocco to north-west Tunisia.

Leaves breeding grounds in August-October to winter in West Africa from Senegal east to Nigeria, returns in April.

Vagrants recorded in British Is, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

British records (c.58, 140+ recorded before the split, not assigned to race, most are undoubtedly this species) now annual, most occur in August-October on Shetland, east & south coasts and Scilly. Very rare in spring, usually April-May.

Habitat Open, deciduous woodland with undergrowth, prefers oakwoods, sometimes beech or birch. Usually on hillsides and slopes, often in mountain areas, particularly in south of range.

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