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 Rook  (Corvus frugilegus )


Identification: Adult Rooks are easily recognised by the pale whitish grey patches around the base of their bills. However, birds which are less than a year old have all dark faces and bills and so look more like Carrion Crows. Young Rooks have longer, narrower straighter bills than Crows, with a steep forehead which creates a peaked crown. Their shaggy trousers are also distinctive. In flight, Rooks are slimmer than Crows with narrower wings, a longer head and a longer, slimmer tail which gets broader towards the tip.

Habitat: Resident on farmland and in parkland, nesting in mature trees.

Distribution: Common throughout most of Britain, although localised in a few areas. Is found in large flocks in winter.

Widespread and numerous in most of northern and central Europe, though found in only a few areas further south.

Population: Around 850 000 breeding pairs have been estimated for Britain with a further 520 000 in Ireland. The bird is widespread except for the Scottish highlands. Continental birds arriving during winter swell this figure to over 4 000 000.

3-4 million breeding pairs widespread in Britain, France and eastern Europe with many scattered populations in central Europe. Rare or absent from much of southern Europe.

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