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 Garden warbler  (Sylvia borin )


Identification: The Garden Warbler is almost strikingly nondescript. It doesn't have a black cap or a brown cap or a white throat or an obvious supercillium or a long bill or any obvious markings on its wings and therefore can't really be mistaken for any other warbler. What it does have is a fairly sturdy build, short but relatively thick bill, and subtle hints of grey in an otherwise dull brown plumage. Its face is characteristically plain except for the big staring black eye exaggerated by the faint white eye ring.

Habitat: Breeds in wooded areas with thick undergrowth.

Distribution: A common, but surprisingly elusive, summer visitor, as far north as southern Scotland. Occupies a variety of habitats, but prefers areas of deciduous woodland.

Widespread and common throughout most of Europe.

Population: 200 000 territories estimated for Britain, concentrated in southern England and Wales but absent fom the fenland south of the Wash. Less common in Ireland, only about 180-300 breeding pairs.

10-13 million breeding pairs across much of Europe although rare or absent from parts of southern Europe. France, Finland and Sweden hold the largest populations

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