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 Carrion Crow  (Corvus corone )



Identification: This species occurs in two forms in Europe, the all-dark Carrion Crow of western Europe and the grey-bodied 'Hooded Crow' of Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. Although these birds look completely different, they often interbreed where the range overlaps, producing hybrids which look intermediate between the two. Hooded Crows are easily distinguished from all other crows but the Carrion Crow is easily confused with a Rook. The Carrion Crow, however, never has the pale face patch of a Rook and also looks tidier since it lacks the baggy trousers and fluffy forehead. Carrion Crows also have shorter and deeper bills in which the top edge of the upper mandible is more obviously curved. In flight, Carrion Crows have broader wings, more rectangular tails and a slower steadier flight

Habitat: Breeds and winters on farmland, moorland and in town parks.

Distribution: The Carrion Crow is a common resident except in northern Scotland where it is replaced by the Hooded Crow. The two races interbreed and intermediate individuals are common in the zone of overlap.

Carrion Crows are widespread and numerous in most of Europe west of a line from Denmark to northern Italy. To the east and south of this line, Hooded Crows take over

Population: 970 000 territories across most of Britain, only absent from the north-west of Scotland. Rare in Ireland where only a handful of breeding records exist.

5-7 million breeding pairs, ubiquitous across Europe.

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