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 Common Redstart  (Phoenicurus phoenicurus )


Identification: Male Redstarts are delightfully gaudy birds, especially when flashing their red tails, trying to attract their partner to a potential nest site. The eye-catching red tail separates the Redstart from all other small birds except the darker, duller Black Redstart. Even the dullest female Redstarts have a pale throat and hints of orange in their underparts, unlike Black Redstarts.

Habitat: Breeds mostly in deciduous woods, but also on heaths, parkland and moorland edges.

Distribution: A common summer visitor to deciduous woodland areas. A reasonably widespread species which has its main concentrations in the west and north, but is more uncommon in the east. Fairly numerous on passage, particularly in the autumn when large falls often occur on the east and south coasts.

Widespread throughout most of Europe, becoming particularly numerous in much of Scandinavia.

Population: 90 000 territories found mainly in Wales, the north of England and Scotland. A rare breeder in Ireland with a maximum of four breeding pairs recorded in any one year.

2-3 million breeding pairs across most of Europe.


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