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 Thekla Lark  (Galerida theklae )



Status and distribution Breeds patchily in South-West Europe in southern Portugal and throughout much of Spain except the north, on the Balearics and in a very small area of southern France. In North-West Africa occurs from coastal Mauretania, throughout Morocco and across north Algeria to Tunisia and north Libya. Possibly also occurs in north-west Egypt.

Resident throughout range but may be some short-distance dispersal and altitudinal movement.

Subspecies Nominate race theklae found in France and Iberia is a rather dark grey-brown, 4-5 further races occur in North Africa, generally paler and sandier with longer bills and wings.

Habitat Found in similar habitats to Crested Lark but usually occurs away from man and less often on roadsides and on cultivated land. In some areas found at higher levels than Crested Lark on rocky and bush-covered hillsides. Often perches on bushes which Crested rarely does.

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