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The outer aspect of the construction is of great length and little height, because it comprises of same the not only church, but also several complementary dependencies that are to the service of members of the brotherhood.

All the building is of heavy rough stone and the cover is to two waters. The church is of a nave of two separated sections by a column that maintains an arch of average point on which the forged one of the cover leans. The greatest chapel difference of the rest of the nave and it has been covered with edge vault. In the interior a stone bank crosses the hermitage in all its contour.

The entrance is of arch of average point formed by bricks. After the church and taking advantage of the spaces that the greatest chapel leaves there are two rooms that were used like warehouse. A wall separates them of an ample and rustic dining room, with tables and benches very coarse embeded in the ground. Next to it there is an ample room that is used like pantry. In the end of the East of the building is the kitchen that is occupied by a big firplace. In this kitchen a lot of sets of dishes are conserved. They can be of the century XVII and it is used by memebers of the brotherhood the day of the celebration of Saint Quitery, the 22 of May, to elaborate the traditional fricassée.


 Town: Bolea
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