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It is a building of great dimensions, constructed in ashlar, mud walls and brick in the cupola. It has three separated naves by pilasters and a cruise. The greatest chapel, the three sections of the nave and the branches of the cruise are covered with "lunetos". On the cruise there is a cupola with four blinded vanes. The pilasters are fluted and it maintains the classic cornice which looks like a frieze. The inner decoration has neoclassic adornments which are inspired in the "acróteras" and garlands.

The choir is on the feet of the central nave. The entrance is of average point with padded ashlars that cross the jambs and the arch. the choir is next to the cemetery and it has an arch of average point too.

The wall of the feet is arranged as facade and in it there is a cover which is blinded at the present time with an arch of average point between pilasters which maintain a structure. On this structure there is an empty vane. The facade finishes off in a fronton with a cross in the vertex and "acróteras" in the ends

In the angle between the head and the arm of the cruise is the tower. Its first stage is of square plant, the second one is beveled with fluted pilasters framing its four sides in which, there is a vane of average point.

Chapitel is piramidal with an octogonal plant. It is constructed in ashlar masonry that simulates a coating of grudges.

This church had to be constructed in the last decade of century XVIII.

Formerly the celebrations of Sarsamarcuello were in the heat of winter. The days that lasted the celebrations passed with rounds, dances, afternoon snacks ... From the 1,988 and after several years without celebrations by the shortage of population, celebrations are celebrated the third weekend of August because it is the time when more people is in the town.


 Town: Sarsamarcuello
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