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It is a building free located in the neighborhoods of the town of Plasencia del Monte, towards the part of the noon. It is constructed with ashlars that probably are made of mud.

It consists of a nave of four separated sections by pointed archs which are deformed by the pressures. They are of diaphragm and they maintain the cover to two waters. The vestry is covered with a flat vault. There is a choir on the feet of the hermitage, in the top of it.

The entrance has a pointed arch made of brick. Other simple decorative adornmens for remote inspiration to mudejar were made with brick. The cover is crowned by a closing of mixtilineal arch that excels to the tile roof. It was constructed at the beginning of century, because in it there is the date of 1.901.

In the interior there is a modern neogothic altarpiece. In its central niche there is the image to dress of "Our Lady of the Montillo".


 Town: Plasencia del Monte
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