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The building is leaned to other buildings which practically are surrounded it. It is made of ashlar masonery and brick. It is of a nave of five sections of "lunetos" with vanes of reduced arch. In the lateral ones there are chapels opened in the wall under arch of average point.

The present church is oriented to the west as a result of to have adapted the greatest chapel to the section of the feet.

The choir is in the top of the church, in the place where the apse was before. There are some rest of the choir that condition the form of the vault with "lunetos" on a polygonal plant. Under the choir it is the entrance of mixtilineal arch which is protected by a brick porch and covered with elliptical vault reduced. It is opened by archs of average point framed by pilasters and stone capitals inspired by the classic ones.

There are rest of romanesque factory in the North wall where some "modillones" are conserved. In the lateral wallls of the entrance some rest of the semicircular apse can be observed.

At the end of century XVIII some important works were made, beetwen them the construction of the present porch of entrance. Later the wall which makes of facade on this porch had to rise. It was crowned in a form of stepped pinion. In 1.959 some important works were made due to the state that presented the church and in 1.962 the tower was constructed. The tower was compounded of two bodies with a square plant and vanes of average point. The tower conserves four bells.

The patron saint of Plasencia of Monte is Saint Raymon and it is for this reason why the supervisory celebrations in its honor are celebrated the 31 of August.


 Town: Plasencia del Monte
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