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The church is a building leaned to other particular buildings. Among them the church emphasizes by his height, volume and adornment of its cover. It is constructed by a brick structure, ashlar masonery and boulders. Its only nave has four sections and the greatest chapel is of polygonal plant. As much the greatest chapel as the lateral sections are covered with "lunetos" of vanes of average point. In the lateral ones there are chapels between abutments which are also covered with "lunetos".

The choir is on the feet, in the top of the church. It is covered by logs and it has a front of arch "carpanel". The cover is on the feet and it is protected to the interior with screens of "cuarterones". It is of arch of average point and it constitutes a unique unit in a very ample extension of towns, because it is rich ornamented. It is worked in stone. There is a niche with a sculpture of the titular saint. Between the niche and the arch of entrance it is the coat of arms.

The church conserves an old inner door with nails and ironworks of forge.

The facade is ended by a simple pediment formed by a brick cornice in which adorments formed with bricks emphasize. The tower is incorporated to the facade. The bell tower has a simple body and with a square plant. In the bell tower you can find archs of average point opened. It is crowned by an octogonal chapitel made of bricks.

The building constitutes an isolated example within the scene of churches of the neighboring regions. The obtained composition with the brick structure, the texture that provides to it the equipment of stuffed and the isolated sample which has its cover, make think about some teacher brought by the Counts of Sobradiel from other earth.

The cover belongs to the first third of century XVIII.

The church is dedicated to Saint Gregory. That is for it why neighbors of Esquedas celebrate their greater celebrations the second week of September.


 Town: Esquedas
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