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This hermitage is located in the same mountain range of Gratal, on the foot of this tip. It is engraved in the base of a powerful escarpment of conglomerate. In front of the religious building there is a square with grass and, to its left, the cell-refuge of the person who embraced the contemplativa life. In order to compose the sacred enclosure it was enough with crossing a wall of rough stones of different sizes, occluding the mouth of a tending concavity to a semicircle. The door was reconciled centered.

The interior is intensely wet with the persistent dripping on the earthy ground that forced to raise a peripheral drainage immediate to the walls, to some covers which are imaginative but very pleasant to the eyes of the visitor.

In the southern corner an altar was made up of work in that we will find the sculpture of the titular saint, Saint Julian Sabás (the Old one). To the left of the altar there is a circular deposit that stores water which drips of the rock, with a spillway in case it fills and a faucet.

Near this saint space is the hermitage, inside of a cave under the rock. It is a gloomy and penitent hollow which has protuberances in its seat and with a low ceiling. Plan vestiges are not observed.

A poor joined rubblework with mortar creates a wall of closing very similar to the one of the hermitage of Saint Cristopher in Aniés. The ceiling of the same one is blackened by the continued flow of the smoke.


 Town: Lierta
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