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The building is made of ashlars and brick and it can belong to the first half of century XVI. It consists of a nave of five sections covered with barrel vault. The "fajones" archs lean on semiembedded columns. The two columns that limit the greatest chapel have capitals with rough adornments, inspired by Arab grapfs and human figures. There is a choir in the top of the church, on the feet of it, which is on flat vault.

To the outside, in the wall of the feet, some rest of an old steeple with double vanes made of ashlar masonry is conserved. These rest at the moment is sheltered in the gable end. It had to disappear when the lateral walls were elevated to provide more height to the cover.

The primitive entrance of the church is blinded in the South wall. It is planked between two buttresses and it is of arch of average point of four archivolts of fine "baquetones". The present entrance is to the north and it is of arch of average point of voussoirs in which appear the date of 1.881. It is protected by porch of double arch of average point of which one is blinded.

The tower is in head and it consists of three bodies of ashlar masonry. It ends in a piramidal chapitel of four sides. Its construction remembers towers that were built at the end of century XIX.

In the porch there is holy water stoup with stone glass that to the outside imitates corrugations. It leans in a cylindrical pedestal, also of stone.

Inside of the church there is the greatest altarpiece which belongs to the century XVIII.

In honor to the Virgin, the greater celebrations of Loscorrales are celebrated the 15 of August. Long ago, the town of Loscorrales celebrated its small celebrations in honor to Saint Babil the 24 of January. At the moment, these small celebrations almost are not celebrated because few people live during the winter in the town. If the celebrations are celebrated they will be at a weekend because of this way more people can enjoy of these celebrations. It happens in many towns of around.


 Town: Loscorrales
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