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The building is constructed in ashlar masonry and it belongs to second half of century XII.

It is of a nave that was longer by the part of head where and in this moment the wall is timbered in the vault. The nave has an only section and it is covered by a barrel vault that starts to 1,07 meters of the flagstone pavement. The cover to the interior is of reduced arch, to the outside of arch of average point with festooned soffit. Of the four archivolts that it has, the two of heavy ejector rod are supported in capitals. On the cover there is a crismón.

You can descended to the interior by a parallel stairs to the wall that you can find. In this wall they are left rest of a painted altarpiece, of popular invoice, which imitates an altarpiece of the end of the century XV in which appears three streets with images and in the attic, a " Calvary ". All the altarpiece is surrounded by a dust-cover.

The day of the festivity of Sanit Águeda, the 5 of February, women of the town venerate their pattern and go to this hermitage to attend a mass.


 Town: Loarre
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