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The church of Saint Martin is located in the Street of the Church. Its voluminous construction catches the eye of the visitor. From the outside we can observe great number of volumes that it has because the cover of the lateral naves is lower than the cover of the central nave and the dome is higher than the central nave too.

The lateral chapels, the arms of the cruise and the head have the tile roof flown on cornices moulded with stone. However, the tile roof of the central nave flies on ample brick cornice inspired in the doric wainscot adorned with "metopas" and "triglifos". In the dome there are some vanes opened that provide a little natural light to the temple.

The church of Saint Martin is a free building, constructed of ashlar masonry and with Latin cross plant. Their lateral naves are communicated. The four sections of the nave and thirs arms are covered by "lunetos" with adornments of the second half of century XVIII.

The vanes are of reduced arch. The cruise has cupola without drum and it is on "pechinas". Chapels are covered with vaults with "terceletes" that lean in semiembedded columns. It gives the curch an Renaissance aspect. Other chapels are covered with reduced vault elliptical.

On the feet of the church we can find, in the top of it , the choir. To go up to the choir you have to acced from the tower.

The facade of the church is on its feet. The closing of the facade is a cornice of hard plaster. A Corbel fits "metopas" and "triglifos"with different subjects in bas-relief. It is looks like very much to the Church of Our Lady of the Solitude in Bolea.

The cover is of stone and it has an arch of average point between semiembedded smooth pilasters which are crowned by capitals of garlands that maintain a structure inspired by the ionic oerder. On them, there is an empty niche. It is thought this church was built in the middle of century XVIII

The most emphasized thing of this church is its tower which has a clear romanesque style. It is located in the angle formed by the facade and the wall of the epistle. The ashlars of the tower coserve marks of stonecutter in the interior and outside of the factory. The tower has three bodies. The highest body corresponds to the bell tower and it has double arch of average point in each front framed by simple moldings. The chapitel that culminates the tower is an octogonal pyramid and it leans on a drum of equal number of sides.

Inside the church, it is possible to emphasize the Greatest Altarpiece which has recently been recovered. This altarpiece is of century XVIII and the decoration of the altarpiece predominates on the subject of it. The decoration is baroque and you can observe in it statures of saints like Saint Paul, Saint John the Baptist, Saint Francis..., emphasizing among them in the center of the body of the altarpiece and put in a niche the titular saint of the church which is Saint Martin.

It is quite peculiar that this church is in honor to Saint Martin and, nevertheless the pattern of Lupiñén is Saint Ginés.

The images of Saint Ginés and the Our Lady of the Orchard, the patron saints of Lupiñén, are located in this temple.

Lupiñén commemorates its greater celebrations in honor to its patron saint Saint Ginés the 25 of August. The 26 of August, according to mark the tradition, people went away in procession until the hermitage of the Virgin of the Orchard and they took to the saint on a base. This tradition which consists in take the saint in procession to the hermitage had been lost, but last year it became to retake so that it does not fall in the forgetfulness.


 Town: Lupiñén
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