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It is a leaned building which is constructed with ashlar masonry. It has three naves of which the central nave is longer than the lateral ones. The central nave still conserves rest of the primitive romanesque church. The apse of the church is at this moment in the section of the feet because the direction of the temple was changed to put the presbytery towards the west. The old apse is covered with vault with "terceletes" and was constructed in century XVI. The other three sections of the nave are covered with vault of parabolic lunetos and they have vanes of reduced archs and a neoclassic decoration. This vault had constructed in last half of century XVIII, as well as the lateral naves covered with edges.

The naves are separated by heavy pillars that by the part of the central nave have emphasized fluted pilasters that maintain an ample cornice of classic inspiration with "dentículos". There is no a choir.

The door is on the feet of the church, in the nave of the gospel. It has a smooth arch of voussoirs which incorporate a molding providing to the threshold the appearance of mixtilineal. The entrance is framed between smooth pilasters with capitals that maintain a structure with a form of a lintel. The door must be of principles of century XIX.

The tower of the church is on the old romanesque apse which conserves marks of the stonecutter. It is clearly an example of the mudejar monuments of Aragón. It is constructed in brick and it has its first body of five sides that comply to the curvature of the Romanesque apse. Each one of them has a blind brick arch. The tower is on this body and it has two octogonal bodies. The first of them have decoration of rhombuses, and the second one is the bell tower which has archs of average point and ornamentación also obtained with bricks. The closing is a simple cover to eight waters. It was a work of the stonecutter Juan Combarel and Juan Platderre that contracted it in 1.602.


 Town: Montmesa
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