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It is located at noon of the town, something distant of it. It is a construction free built of ashlar masonry and with mud walls. It has a nave of three separated sections by two absorbed pointed archs in the walls. The cover is made of a simple forged of logs to two lazy waters. The enclosure is surrounded by a masonry bank.

The entrance is in the North front. It is of a simple arch of average point of smooth voussoirs. This arch leans on imposts that have a nacelle section. The tile roof flies slightly on cornice of roofing tiles.

The construction agrees with the formal solutions of other hermitages that are dated in century XVII.

The holy water stoup remembers the cane of a term cross in which a cavity was excavated.

The neighbors of the town of Lupiñén went on a pilgrimage to this hermitage the 29 of June, festivity of Saint Peter of Verona and the day 15 of May, festivity of Saint Isidore. At the moment, instead of going the 29 of June, the pilgrimage usually uses to be made the first Sunday of May, and of course, the day of Saint Isidore. At one o´clock in the afternoon a mass is celebrated and when it finishes, the parish priest of the town blesses the municipal term and the fields. Then cakes and wine are distributed between people who had gone on a pilgrimage.

 Town: Lupiñén
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