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The church of Saint Mary, in Concilio, is romanesque and it was constructed in stone ashlar masonry. It belongs to century XII and it consists of a nave covered with a wood frame on pointed archs of gothic plan. It has a vaulted semicircular apse in quarter of sphere too. In the apse a blinded window of arch of average point exists.

It has a steeple with three vanes. The door has an arch of average point made with keystones and in the outer walls marks of stonecutters can be observed. The altarpiece is baroque and it was sent to do in 1.730. In the high altar there were four paintings that were taken to the Museum Diocesano de Jaca like that rest of paintings that appeared behind the altarpiece. The apse was probably decorated with paintings which we do not know what period of time they belong to.

This building seems to be the rest of an old mozarabic monastery, judging by the rest that appear in its next constructions.

 Town: Concilio
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