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The hermitage of Our Mrs. of Casbas is located to 3 kilometers of Ayerbe in a well-known and frequented place from old times by preChristian ancestors. It is a work of century XVII. From his first construction to the present time it has undergone some changes in its structure, but not in its direction towards east.

He is bulit with rectangular ashlars. It consists of a nave with four sections and the gratest chapel than which is in plant and it is only difference of the rest of the structure by a lattice gate. All the sections have covers of "lunetos" and vanes in the wall of the noon. It has a choir on the feet, in the top part of the church which is on "lunetos". To the entrance there is an arch of average point absorbed in the walls. All the hermitage is crossed in its interior by a wood bank supported in the wall.

In his interior it emphasizes his pictorial decoration that it calls the attention of the visitor by his originality and the enormous variety of forms, figures and colors that have been used. For that reason, this hermitage has gotten to be called the " Sistine Chapel " of the Altoaragón.

All the pictorial decoration was made by hand by the artist Jerónimo Pedro del Río Dieste during years 1.730 to 1.732. This decoration that crosses all the temple is based on two thematic different ones. By a side we found a vegetable thematic based on the use of stems, flowers, fruits... in combination with decoration with architectonic elements like pebbles, "tarjetones", niches... and on the other hand the figurative decoration in which they do not lack images, many of them related to the locality of Ayerbe like Saint Leticia, Saint Lucy..., among others. Almost all these images were painted inside niches. Some details can be observed in the following photos:






It is a wood stature of the first time of century XII. It is the image of the virgin seated on a small seat that is maintaining between the lap of its knees to the infant Jesus, equally seated. The glances of both go to the front and we did not observe any characteristic of communication between both.

This stature has been recovered in several occasions but its last restoration took place in the year 1.979 in which it was repainted.

 Town: Ayerbe
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