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The castle of Marcuello was constructed in the middle of the XI and was reformed at the time of Sancho Ramírez. At the present time the part of its tower which is in the north resists with great difficulty. They are only some vestiges left of the enclosure. To the south of its tower, the church of the castle is conserved and it presents a sober and defensive aspect mainly in its head. The church was very altered in the XVII. It conserves an interesting crypt.

The tower of the chapel of the castle also presents a sober and defensive aspect. Both are made in well-taken care of and fit ashlar masonry. Some constructions of the XVII hide the South facade of them. The tower of the castle of Marcuello had 40 square meters of plant and the height was of 17 meters. Its walls have 1.80 meters of thickness. Judging by which it is of the tower, we can deduce that the tower could have had 4 plants finished off by a false. The state of the castle and mainly its abandonment are lamentable. It would have to be restaured to it remains upright.

 Town: Sarsamarcuello
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