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The church of Centenero is Romanesque and belongs to the century XII. It is very altered by the modifications which were made later (tower, lateral chapels...). Its head remains original. It has an apse of drum without decoration in which a large window with form of a loophole is opened. Until the line over the large window the church was constructed with great squared ashlars but from the window the material and the form ashlars were put had changed. The apse is come to ruin in braces of nacelle profile that sustain the cornice. Between each two braces there is an ashlar interposed and carved with form of " T " so that there are some small orifices for the ventilation of the temple in the high part of the church. Presbytery is short and is indicated with an abutment. Thanks to this abutment the head with the nave of the church articulates.

 Town: Centenero
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