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In the mountain range nearest  to Aniés you can find the  sanctuary of the Virgin of the Rock. It is hung in a natural shelter which is  offered by  the walls. It is formed by several constructions around a small church of century XIII, with added and modifications in the XVII and XVIII.

An almost magician corner from whom you can see a wonderful landscape, a lot of fields where cereals are cultivated and all towns which belong to the Hoya de Huesca and some which belong to Cinco Villas too.

It is complemented with an old house where  the person who took care of the hermitage lived. It has a viewpoint , specially recommended to enjoy to  the flight of the vultures.

In addition to the hermitage  and taking advantage of a landing the mountain the house for the hermit and for members of a brotherhood was built with true risk.

The house has in its high part a run gallery directly covered by the roof . Inside of the house there is  a kitchen which conserves  the tools of the time yet.

In order to build the church a high wall with abutments had to be risen. This wall saves the unevenness of the land and it maintains the nave of the church.

The church is small and is constructed with ashlar masonry. It has five sections with chapels connected under arch in the walls. It is covered with "lunetos" and it has a choir on its feet. Outside of the hermitage a steeple of brick is conserved . The entrance is in the wall of the gospel and it has a round arch on imposts. The jambs are wider than the arch.

 Town: Aniés
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