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The Castle of Loarre is considered like the most important romanesque strength of Spain.

It was constructed at the end of century XI, on the rest of a Roman castle denominated " calagurris fibularia ", by order of king Sancho Ramírez I of Aragón. The castle served at a first moment of real palace, and from century XII it was converted in a convent for the Augustinian Parents.

The plant of the castle is irregular and it is surrounded by one double wall with cylindrical towers in which there are two doors of entrance. The porch of the facade is decorated with a relief that represents to Christ blessing.

In its interior, we can see the romanesque church of Saint Mary which belongs to the century XII and it is raised on the crypt of the castle. The crypt is rectangular and it has a semicircular apse with barrel vault. The temple consists of three naves and it has a cupola that rests on double tubes. The capitals of the numerous columns that maintain the barrel vault are very interesting. In them floral adornments and representations of angels and animals which are artistically executed can be seen.

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 Town: Loarre
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