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The tower of Saint Peter is located to the North of the population, in a narrow street without exit. It is a leaned building to particular constructions. Some of these particular constructions have rest of the old church which disappeared in the century XIX. The tower is made of ashlar masonry and it conserves marks of stonecutter in its outside and inside of it. It has three bodies of which the two highest ones are the bell tower.

The bell tower in two of its fronts is opened by superposed archs, put of different form, according to the number and disposition of small columns in which they lean. The capitals are smooth. In the west front, the archs are framed by a molding with a jaqués decoration that appears in the cornice of the tile roof and in the rest of the fronts too.

Inside the tower there is a camera at the moment destined to warehouse that has decoration in its walls. This decoration consists in rest of the " Calvary ". The superior part of the Christ and Saint John is conserved. On this figure they are left rest of an inscription " DEINDE DICIT DISPIPVLO ECCCE... " Ther was another inscription where the Virgin was and on the top of the Christ appears the date 1.567.

The Tower of Saint Peter is a romanesque building of century XII and it was declared Architectural-Artistic Monument the 14 of July 1.924  


 Town: Ayerbe
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