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King Ramiro II, by his condition of monk, badly was received by the noble of Aragón, that they indeed despised to him by his clergy. He was restless and distressed for that so he sent a messenger to the abbot of the monastery of Saint Ponce de Tomeras, to whom it had belonged, to request advice to him.

The abbot listened the messenger kindly and, without mediating word, he took it to the orchard of the monastery. Once there, the abbot removed a knife and began to cut coles that excelled of the plantation. When he finished, he said to the surprised messenger : -"Go and explain to the king which you have seen ".

Said and done. Again before his king, the messenger related to him what had happened with the abbot. Ramiro II understood the meaning and he summoned to the noble for Cortes that were due to celebrate in Huesca. For that he sent the rumor that a bell whose ringings would be heard in all the kingdom was going to be manufactured.

The calls went to the appointment. Ramiro II, on the other hand, had chosen to men of his confidence and he bet, armed to them well, in a room of the oscense real palace. As the noble entered, one by one, they went being beheaded and put his heads in the ground, forming a circle. When this one had been closed, capitoste was beheaded. Its head, hanging of a cord, was put in the center of tremendous circle, as a clapper.

And it was true that the tolled ones of this bell were heard well: the noble learned lesson and the king could govern calm.


 Town: Huesca
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