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Ricardo Monreal narrated the 17 of September of 1.933 for the newspaper Heraldo de Aragón that the 30 of June of 1.510, the king Ferdinand the Catholic granted in Monzón to the Mr. of Ayerbe, Hugo de Hurriés, the privilege to celebrate two fairs every year, taking advantage of the tax of the fair rights.

Ayerbe questioned the rights, litigated for more than a century and at the end the law of 1.811, the glorious Corts of Cádiz and the law of 1.823 gave by abolished those privileges.

At the end of September the fairs were celebrated, agreeing with the celebration of Saint Matthew. With diferent kinds of cattles was dealt and numerous large cabins for the sale of other articles settled. In order to distract the visitors there were theater representations and open-air dances.

The 6 of May another fair was celebrated . It was well-known between the villagers like the " fair of the gypsys " or the " fair of the hunger ". Also it lasted three days, but it had not so many treatments as in the fair celebrated in September. Also, all Saturdays there was a fair of pigs.

The traders that came from numerous places of Spain unfolded their merchandise in both squares of the locality. The High Square filled of positions in which the animals like donkeys, pigs abounded...., in addition to fritter stalls and put in which the products of the field like garlics, onions, melons, peppers, peaches... were put on sale. If you went to the Low Square you could encontrarte salesmen of all type of objects like knives, tools for the farming, traps, toys for the children...

Anywhere of Ayerbe you could find people while the fair was celebrated. All the people of the towns of around like Bolea, Loarre, Aniés, Sarsamarcuello, Lupiñén and a long list of others, went to the fair to deal with their own products.

At the end of years 50 these fairs disappeared. They tried to recover them in the decade of the 80, but it was not until the 22 of September of 1.996 when we returned to have the occasion to live a new edition on the fairs. As it was possible to hope, the fair was not going to be like years ago but people who organized it tried that the fair resembled the most possible to fairs of the past. In the squares of the locality craftsmen of the zone and different market-stalls were put. In they products of our surroundings were put on sale. In addition, there are demonstrations about how to manufacture the noodles and handmade lace ...

Since then and thanks to the effort and collaboration of all neighbors of Ayerbe and institutions, we can enjoy the fair every year, around the 22 of September.

 Town: Ayerbe
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