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Days before the event, women began with the cleaning of the house and, in special, of the kitchen that will be the most concurred room.

Men cleaned the fireplace with hands of furzes, made firewood and gathered something of rosemary because it burned very well and in addition it did not line the boilers. They put the "bacía" to soak so it did not spoil water. Spices, rice, flour and salt for the salting of hams were bought.

Meanwhile, our victim, that is one year old and it does not know what is going to hapen it, has not had another mission that consist in to eat a lot of cooked potato boilers, maize... to obtain an animal with a weigh about one hundred kilos.

When the piggy is separated of his litter when it is young, if it is male it will be castrated to avoid a disagreeable flavor in his meats before it is two months old and if it is female it will be respected that at the time of his sacrifice it is not on heat and it will be killed with the moon in decline because, according to the tradition, otherwise hams could spoil.

The day before, the animal did not receive the last food of the day, although I do not believe that it has another suspicion that is not the one to have the empty stomach.

Arrived the moment, four men went to piggery, opened the door and and when the pig arranged itself to leave it, they took to him with a hook and, between pain whines, it was taken until the "bacía". There, the neck of the animal was croossed with a dagger. An experienced woman gathered blood that appeared of the throat of the animal and removed it with an almost ritual parsimony.

Within the "bacía", the pig was scalded with the only aim of coming to its shaving. Men, prepared with dippers and pieces of roofing tile, made this task until leaving it bare. Next it is hung from a hank and, opened in two parts. The organs are extracted. The guts will be cleaned very well and they will serve to insert the long pork sausages, hard pork sausages, catalan sausages and blood sausages. The fire has not stopped to burn. From quite soon, the grandfather will not let throw firewood in the home.

The meal of this day will be composed by filled sources with lettuce, vegetable (preferredly cabbage) and the second plate will be composed of the first meats of the pig, more exactly fried dish made of liver and pieces of meat from the neck of the animal.

Everything will be cut very slight and chips will be added. The plate will be seasoned with a clove of garlic and a great vinegar´s jet. The live coals will be stoked to roast more pieces of the pig and if it was necessary, the liver would be roasted too. The roasted liver and sesoned with oil, parsley and some cloves of garlic will make the delights of the guests. The meal will probably be completed with roasting of a tender rabbit.

Some fruits collected in the summer like dry figs, nuts, almonds and raisins were eaten like a dessert. All themm were watered with a good punch, similar they manufactured at Christmas. This wine is put to boil, perfuming it with quince, nutmeg and a bit of cinnamon; Later it was flambéd to clear the alcohol to children could drink of it.

In the evening the animal will be teared to pieces. Hams, backs, ribs etc..., were deposited in tables awaiting giving their destiny them. Part of the blood will be used for "tortetas" with other ingredients like bread cut in thin slices, butter, flour and the spices: grain anise, cinnamon, pepper, clove, nutmeg and pinions.

The blood sausages: when the rice is boiled, it will be seasoned with the blood of the pig, butter, cinnamon, pepper and pinions.

For the long pork sausages will be used the thin meats of the pig, pepper, salt and a pick of dry anise; in some houses some aromatic grasses were added to the stew: thyme, fennel...

The "triperos" hard pork sausages were made using the lung of the pig, the stomach, etc., and they were for an immediate consumption. They were seasoned with salt, red pepper, garlic and leaves of marjoram kneaded with a little good wine.

For the fine hard pork sausages, the white bacon and the thin pieces of lean meat of the pig and much meat of other animals sacrificed will be used to elaborate them.

Catalan sausages were made with the meat of the head of the pig, nose, crusts, etc. All them will be seaosened with salt, clove and nutmeg.

For the conserve, the butter is melted and olive oil is added; Ribs and backs of the pig were fried after they have been ripened a couple of days. All it was kept in a mud casserole with crude garlic and clove and it was all covered with greasy cleaning. The casserole was placed in some fresh place.

Finally, and like a peculiar data, people who killed the pig gave to the present children the bladder of the pig and it was became into an unexpected ball.

It was a very special day, because it reunited almost all the family. The work atmosphere was very pleasant. That day there was work for all even children could do "tortetas".

The tradition continues conserving itself in many towns of the region and it is being recovered in many others in which it was almost had lost.

 Town: Lupiñén
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